Legal Name Changes


Basic Walkthrough

A Name Change will cost at least $400. 

Go to City Hall to petition for your name change with the Clerk of Courts. There are fees involved. They’ll provide instructions and details about obtaining the following documentation: fingerprints (where you would get a passport), copy of background checks, notices of advertisement for legal name change, and others.

Go back to City Hall to file the Name Change Decree with the supporting documentation.

A court date will be set once the Name Change Decree is approved. At the court hearing, the judge will review the Name Change Decree and approve / deny.

The clerk of courts will provide you with 3-5 stamped, legal Name Change Decree copies.

With your Name Change Decree, update your state identification. Then, you’ll use your updated ID plus another Name Change Decree to update your social security card. Those can be used to update your passport and other legal documentations and identification.


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