Tenant’s / Renter’s Rights Organizations

A list of Basic Tenant’s Rights 

Partners for Good Housing outlines the responsibilities of owners, tenants, and landlords for maintaining houses and apartments in a safe and clean condition.

TURN is a tenant service and advocacy organization that promotes the human right to housing. We offer Tenant Rights Workshops, Individual Counseling, Hotline Assistance, and Tenant Union Organizing Assistance. http://rturn.net/

Community Legal Services (CLS) assists clients when they face the threat of losing their homes, incomes, health care, and even their families. CLS attorneys and other staff provide a full range of legal services, from individual representation to administrative advocacy to class action litigation, as well as community education and social work. https://clsphila.org

Philly Tenant’s Union is a tenant-led organization dedicated to winning safe, decent, and affordable housing for every renter in Philly. http://phillytenantsunion.org/

PhillyTenant.org, your resource for tenant’s rights in Philadelphia.

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